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Распределение электроэнергии

            Новости: Распределение электроэнергии

            The Montenegro Electric Authority (EPCG) chose Schneider Electric

            The contract includes supplying the medium voltage equipment required to renovate five existing 35/10 kV substations and the creation of a new medium voltage sub-station, including:
            > power transformers (France Transfo),
            > medium-voltage cubicles (F400, MCSet, SM6, RM6),
            > the concrete substations (Biosco, MV/LV transformers, including Low Voltage),
            > the monitoring and control system (Easergy T200I and Seefox 200),
            > the auxiliary equipment (auxiliary transformers, DC power supply, batteries),
            > supervision, commissioning and on-site operator training.

            Our local partner, TEImont, was also a key actor in this project, in collaboration with Projects & Engineering Center (P&EC) and France Transfo.


            Republic of Montenegro

            Area      13812 km²

            Population        684 736 hab.

            Capital            Podgorica