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Распределение электроэнергии

            Новости: Распределение электроэнергии

            rm6 mv metering Solution is available

            DE-Mt is the RM6 answer for 24kV metering cubicle. This is a type tested solution, factory assembled, and including 48 combinations of medium voltage CTs, VTs and fuses.

            Possible architecture:48xdiagrams
            • 2 or 3 CTs fitted left or right of VTs
            • 2 or 3 VTs phase/earth or 2 VTs ph/ph
            • With or without MV fuses on VTs
            • Merlin Gerin CT’s, VT’s, or local DIN 42600 type CT’s, VT’s
            DE-Mt has been designed to meet all your requirements:
            • Safety of person
              • Internal arc withstand:IAC A-FL 16 kA/1s
            • Increased reliability
              • Elimination of risk related to MV cables
              • Completely closed cubicle more resistant to harsh environment
            • Easy and fast on site installation
              • No MV cabling nor connection
              • No dielectric test to repeat
            • Secure your revenues
              • To discourage fraud, compartments can be easily sealed by utilities.
            DE-Mt was conceived to integrate power monitoring devices of Schneider Electric.