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Распределение электроэнергии

            Новости: Распределение электроэнергии

            CIRED 2007 Vienna (Austria)

            international electricity distribution community meets» which took place in Vienna from the 21st to the 24th May 2007, Schneider Electric has presented a stand dedicated to an efficient management of the electrical network.

            With a complete offer in distribution automation, we have shown an electrical Distribution network with all its components

            • MV switchgear RM6,
            • RTU Easergy range
            • SCADA Seefox software and the innovations brought by Schneider Electric like the Sepam IEC 61850.

            But Schneider Electric is not only involved in industrial product sales:with a large range of services like Proper Diagnosis or Retrofit, and a high innovating level (Power Line Communication), Schneider Electric and its brand Merlin Gerin can bring all the conditions to manage efficiently electrical network.