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Распределение электроэнергии

            Новости: Распределение электроэнергии

            Blokset switchboards:a global and tested design, with the flexibility of a local manufacture

            Blokset is a Schneider Electric range of electrical switchboards and motor control centers (MCC).
            It offers all low-voltage applications necessary in large sites:
            - Power distribution, power factor and harmonics control.
            - Classic, intelligent, variable speed and soft-started motor control.
            - Electrical distribution and motor control with both withdrawable and fix designs.

            Blokset design is now updated, to bring exclusive new Schneider Electric components:
            - TeSys T Intelligent Motor Control relays, with Profibus, DeviceNet and Modbus, advanced protection and metering functions.
            - Altivar 71 & 61 speed drives, either for general purpose applications or more dedicated to pumps.
            - Altistart 48 soft-starters, using innovative TCS (Torque Control System) dedicated to high inertia or critical start loads.
            - Varplus² capacitors, bringing longest life in Blokset and maximum safety (against internal short circuit and overpressure).

            Blokset is manufactured near end-users, by local teams of Schneider Electric or its licensed partners.

            This allows the best possible project follow-up and quality, the best delivery conditions and the best adaptation to end-user needs.