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Распределение электроэнергии

            Новости: Распределение электроэнергии

            Okken:A high dependability low voltage switchboard

            Okken is designed to meet the requirements:

            • of large tertiary, industrial and infrastuctures sites
            • of major industrial projects
            • of critical power sites
            Okken is a fully tested switchboard solution according IEC60439-1 designed to guarantee a high level of availibility and the safety of people. Its characteristics are ideally suited to:
            • electrical distribution and motor control applications (MCC) up to 6300A
            • high short circuit current withstand
            • internal arc containment fixed, disconnectable, removable or withdrawable functional unit mounting
            The service level is one of the main performance indicator. Okken swithboards allow fautless operation, quick maintenance and easy modifications under highest conditions of safety, even when feeders that are vital for operations remain energised.
            It works in the most difficult environments, is approved for off-shore, FPSO, Marine and guaranties continuity of electrical distribution in the case of an earthquake.