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      Harmony Spring Clamp Contacts and Light Modules

      With the new Harmony Spring Clamp Contacts and Light modules, Schneider-Electric expands its variety of connection methods available for the Ø 22 mm (XB4/XB5) push buttons. These products are fully compatible with XB4/XB5 ranges. Without the use of a tool, great innovation on market, Schneider-Electric Spring Clamp contacts maximize installation simplicity, providing secure connections with excellent vibration resistance.

      With this new range benefits from:
      » Simple intuitive operation
      » Wiring with no tools
      » 66% savings time (Faster than screw clamps)
      » Vibration resistance without re-torquing connections
      » Confidence in a secure connections.

      Products are manufactured in conformity with the requirements of the RoHS European Directive.