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      Новости: Автоматизация и управление

      Web Gateway offer for Remote Control ETG 3000 – FactoryCast Gateway range

      New Remote Control Offer – FactoryCast Gateway ETG 3000

      In the areas of distributed infrastructure,RTU installations, industry, machines and Energy, ETG 3000 Web gateways more than satisfy your requirements for remote diagnostics and maintenance, remote programming, remote monitoring and control.

      Mastered Remote Control to boost your Productivity

      ETG 3000 remote management solutions help you to optimize your operation costs:
      » Reduced downtime,
      » Shorter interventions,
      » No more need for site visits,
      » Optimized maintenance operations.

      An all in one standalone module

      ETG 3000  modules consist of a compact industrial unit integrating:
      » All the Ethernet, serial and modem connectivity,
      » A built-in modem (GSMGPRS or PSTN) and a RAS server,
      » A 6 discrete Inputs / 2 discrete Outputs card,
      » A customizable Web server,
      » Built-in SCADA functions.