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    Schneider Electric, a partner of the Bali International Conference to combat the dangers of climate change

    Rueil-Malmaison, December 14, 2007 – The International Conference on the environment, held in Bali from December 3 to 14, 2007, brings together representatives from 190 countries (a total of over 10,000 people) for a single objective: to take immediate measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to tackle global warming. Initiated by the United Nations, the meeting aims to extend the Kyoto protocol on the reduction of greenhouse gases, responsible for rising temperatures, beyond 2012.

    Schneider Electric’s participation in the Bali Conference – as a signatory – is a strong symbol of its growing commitment to energy efficiency and its determination to produce clean, secure and reliable energy.
    The Group already develops products, solutions and services, which contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
    “Schneider Electric is rolling out an action plan to improve and reduce consumption. Our commitment to our customers is to significantly better their energy efficiency, whether in their buildings, factories, infrastructures or homes. Moreover, we supply them with products and solutions that exceed current rules of environmental compliance”, explains Eric Pilaud, Executive Vice President – Strategy, Customers & Technology Schneider Electric and Services & Projects Business Unit. With hundreds of thousands of companies taking part, one of the objectives of the Conference is particularly clear: how to overcome the obstacles so that companies can invest in clean technologies?

    Schneider Electric, dynamic and active in energy efficiency
    In a world where Sustainable Development calls for real commitment, for Schneider Electric energy efficiency represents a real opportunity for mobilisation, growth and differentiation. The group has all the skills and competence and the technologies to respond to this challenge.

    - With the Energy Efficiency programme launched in 2005, energy efficiency is one of the group’s major action vectors.The energy efficiency market has a long-term growth potential estimated at between 15 and 20 %. Already, Schneider electric products, solutions and services mean it is possible to generate savings of between 10 and 30 %, guaranteeing reliable energy supply without detrimental effects on comfort, performance and reliability.

    - Also, in May 2007, the group made a commitment to the EMCA (Energy Management Company Association) and the CBEEC (China Building Electricity Efficiency Committee), with the aim of participating in the national energy saving scheme and enabling its customers to economise, optimise and renew their sources of energy.

    - And in July 2007, Schneider Electric and its Building Automation Business Unit joined the Clinton Climate Initiative Foundation (CCI) with the aim of helping 40 cities and metropolitan areas throughout the world to manage the energy consumption of their buildings more efficiently, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    About Schneider Electric
    The world leader in electrical distribution and automation & control, Schneider Electric develops a global offer of products and services for the residential, buildings, industry, energy and infrastructures markets. In 2006, the 112,000 employees of Schneider Electric generated sales of €13.7 billion through 15,000 sales outlets in 190 countries.
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