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    The first Group agreement signed by Schneider Electric and its subsidiaries to promote employment of the disabled

    Rueil-Malmaison, 12th November 2007 – Schneider Electric has made another step forward in its commitment to employing the disabled with the signing by management and labour organisations of a Group agreement that will include the company's subsidiaries for the first time.
    The three-year agreement signed last July aims to encourage the employment, training and professional integration of the disabled. It is part of new social legislation that results from the law of 11th February 2005 in favour of equal opportunities, participation and citizenship for the disabled.

    The aims of the agreement are to welcome 45 disabled people in sandwich course placements and hire 45 staff between 2007 and 2009, develop agreements and partnerships with local stakeholders to facilitate the search for candidates, develop the partnership with the protected work sector or provide disabled employees with the quality of life and career development equal to other staff.

    "Schneider Electric is not only providing a quantitative response with the percentage imposed by the law, but is tackling the overall problem of the insertion of disabled workers by taking into account the great variety in disabilities", says Gilles Vermot Desroches, Schneider Electric’s Director of Sustainable Development.

    The signature of the Group agreement follows a series of seven disability agreement signed by Schneider Electric since 1995.

    A constant commitment to combat prejudices about disabilities
    This agreement provides a framework to Schneider Electric’s different actions in favour of the disabled. It is emblematic of a long-standing commitment and is looking to unite.
    1- With its New
    ² programme, Schneider Electric is undertaking to "develop its responsibility to the wider society". This particularly applies to the disabled.  The Group is working on three levels: recruitment, professional insertion and professional development
    2- In 2006, Schneider Electric employed 326 disabled people
    . 5.4% of staff are disabled, 2.4% of these are employed directly and 3% by sub-contractors. It is aimed each year to reach at least the legal minimum of 6%. €10 million of business is sub-contracted to the protected sector.
    435 "susceptible" people already benefit from facilities proposed to the disabled. These are employees whose lack of or reduced physical or mental capacities justifies specific action to keep them in work.
    3 - A steering committee to fix objectives and define policy
     to facilitate the integration of the disabled has been set up. Managers have been trained and recruitment processes set up to eliminate discrimination and only take account of skills.
    4 - Other initiatives should be noted such as the making in 2006 of the film "Du côté des possibles"
    This short film shows Schneider Electric’s active policy in favour of the disabled. They talk about their experiences alongside their colleagues, social workers and recruiters to raise awareness of this difference.
    5 - Last September, Schneider Electric unveiled Mini Manche for Annalisa Avon,
    a young 28-year-old with type 3 Infantile Spinal Amyotrophy.
    To keep her job, Annalisa looked for partners and sponsors to enable her to modify a vehicle to be a Mini Manche car. An electric lift, controls on the steering wheel and a special seat to avoid any risk of toppling over, everything has been done to combine practicality, security and comfort, without putting any strain on the muscles.

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