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    Schneider Electric mobilises its staff for the national disabled employment week from 12th to 18th November 2007

    Rueil-Malmaison, 12th November 2007 – Schneider Electric will further raise awareness of disabilities among its 1000 Parisian employees during the 11th of disabled employment week from 12th to 18th November 2007.
    On its Rueil-Malmaison site, "disabled awareness" days (participatory workshops, plays) will alternate with "presentation and discussion" days (meetings with charities, debates). This is a way of combining theory and practice, presentation and reflection.
    The aim is to raise awareness of the difficulties encountered daily by the disabled both in the workplace and at home and to work towards dealing with them together.
    "We are turning diversity into a strength, an advantage and a lever to develop creativity and competitiveness. To do this, we are setting up action to encourage the employment of the disabled and to develop their training and integration. The signature in July 2007 of the first Group agreement for the employment of the disabled is a move in this direction" says Gilles Vermot Desroches, Schneider Electric’s director of Sustainable Development.

    Schneider Electric and Agefiph: welcoming a disabled person in your department
    The "One-day, a job in action" operation that will run throughout the week will enable staff to welcome the disabled person to their department. This initiative that was started in 2006 by Agegiph was naturally joined by Schneider Electric enables disabled jobseekers to spend a day in a company with an able-bodied partner and get to know a sector of activity or a new job.

    Schneider Electric and Starting Block: "put yourself in someone else's place"
    On Tuesday 13th November 2007, staff will be able to take part in workshops set up to discover Braille, sign language or try out a wheelchair.
    At the end of the morning, the "blind" lunch will show the daily reality of the non-sighted through apparently simple and everyday things.
    "Working for the employment of the disabled means understanding their daily lives, the obstacles they encounter and the difficulties they have. This is why we have set up workshops that enable people to experience – for a very short period of time - the daily life of someone who is disabled", explains Jacqueline Carre, Schneider Electric’s Regional Diversity Manager.

    Schneider Electric and La CRETE: theatre to raise awareness about the insertion of disabled workers
    On Wednesday 14th November 2007
    the Compagnie de Recherche d’Expression Théâtrale en Entreprise (La CRETE) will perform "They can talk through the tiles" that deals with the integration of the disabled into the workplace.
    These is four humourous short play that show real situations encountered in businesses. The proximity and human dimension that results from this presentation means situations can be examined closely. By getting staff involved they can encourage the proper insertion of the disabled.

    The company will continue its tour around other Schneider Electric sites. By April 2008, 40 shows are planned and 15 sites have already been covered.

    Discussing disability: stands, studies and conferences
    On Thursday 15th and Friday 23rd November 2007 staff will be able to meet associations on their stands. Among them, the Association des Paralysés de France (APF) will show its film "Candid camera, disabling situations" and will unveil unknown aspects of the lives of disabled people.

    A conference will be held by the APF on "the employment of disabled people law" with Franck Maille, four time swimming champion who is a victim of peripheral neuropathy, a muscular disease that affects the nerves.

    Schneider Electric will illustrate its actions with its short film Du Côté des Possibles.

    The Fourqueux ESAT will also be there and will sell its products: honey made from Fourqueux beehives and beeswax candles. Crepes will be available to participants.

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