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    Schneider Electric Receives SAMA Award for Outstanding Corporate Performance in Strategic Customer Management

    (Rueil-Malmaison - June 19, 2007) - Schneider Electric has been honored by the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) with an award for its outstanding corporate performance in strategic customer management. The annual award was presented this year to Schneider Electric's Global Business Development (SGBD) program and its leader, Senior Vice President Jean-Marc Debeaux, for their work in delivering value added services to a select group of worldwide strategic accounts.

    Schneider Electric stood out from the other nominees for its effective management of its Strategic Accounts, the value added of the services offered to its leading global customers, the SGBD program's sales strategy and its operational deployment in the global marketplace.

    "This award is a real encouragement for the entire SGBD team," said Jean-Marc Debeaux, SGBD Senior Vice President. "Our commitment to making our businesses customer-centric is paying off around the world. The SGBD program has been highly successful in a short period of time. Initially planned to manage 50 large customers, it is now leveraging 70 Global Strategic Accounts. SGBD defines and implements Schneider Electric's strategic account strategy and in every host country, our customers appreciate the personalized support they get from Schneider Electric."

    Schneider Electric and SAMA share a similar commitment and vision to create greater customer value," said Bernard Quancard, President of the Strategic Account Management Association. "The success of the SGBD stems from Schneider Electric's commitment to be totally customer-centric to serve customers globally."

    SGBD: a dedicated organization
    Led by Jean-Marc Debeaux, SGBD delivers dedicated solutions worldwide to 70 multinational companies with business-critical power and automation needs. "Today, 70 world-class organizations appreciate our innovative, differentiating solutions, custom-designed for their business," added Mr. Debeaux, "because they enable them to reduce capital expenditure and optimize operating costs. These 70 customers have pushed energy efficiency and reliability to the forefront of their strategic priorities. More than ever, power, automation and safety management are priority issues for our customers. Increasingly, they prefer to sign confidential agreements that enable them to acquire a differentiating competitive advantage in their business."

    Schneider Electric's SGBD program is a dedicated organization for global enterprises interested in developing special relationships with their key suppliers. To serve them, the Group offers preferred supplier contracts to ensure that they enjoy high-level contacts.

    Thanks to shorter communication and decision-making circuits, SGBD can leverage resources across the Group and around the world very quickly to provide the right solutions and services at each stage of a company's international expansion and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.
    The 70 Strategic Accounts served by SGBD can tap into Schneider Electric's deep knowledge of process automation (automobile manufacturing, cement production, etc.), energy management in large industrial and commercial buildings (pharmaceuticals, mass retailing, etc.), IT center protection and electrical distribution and monitoring for water treatment.

    About Schneider Electric
    Schneider Electric is the world's power and control specialist. Through its world-class brands, Merlin Gerin, Square D and Telemecanique, Schneider Electric anticipates and satisfies its customers' requirements in the residential, building, industry and energy and infrastructure markets. Schneider Electric's 112,000 employees generated sales of €13.7 billion in 2006 through 15,000 distributor outlets in 190 countries.
    Schneider Electric: Giving the best of the New Electric World to everyone, everywhere, at any time

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