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    Schneider Electric, the first industrial company to sign Nicolas Hulot's Ecological Pact

    Rueil-Malmaison, France, April 2, 2007 - Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Chairman of the Schneider Electric Management Board, has just signed Nicolas Hulot's Ecological Pact, confirming Schneider Electric's commitment to its Sustainable Development approach. With this move, the group becomes the first industrial company to sign the Pact.

    Signing the Pact is a new stage in Schneider Electric's global approach in support of environmental conservation. Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Chairman of the Schneider Electric Management Board, explains his position: "Schneider Electric has unrolled an action plan to consume better and consume less. Our commitment to our customers is to make significant improvements in their energy efficiency, whether in their buildings, factories, infrastructures or homes. In addition, we supply them with products and solutions that are in advance of current environmental compliance regulations".

    Since 1996, Schneider Electric has been committed to an approach that takes the environment into account in the group's internal operation, particularly by improving the energy efficiency of its sites, encouraging eco-design and developing environmental awareness in its employees and partners. In this context, Schneider Electric has set itself the objective of a 10 % reduction in the level of energy consumption per employee in its production sites by the end of 2008. More than 90 % of its sites are already ISO 14001 certified (100% in France). Moreover, the group has responded to the European RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive, which came into effect on July 1st 2006, going even farther than the directive demands. It has generalised the elimination of these substances by 2008, including all of its products in its low-voltage offer. Schneider Electric signed the Global Compact in December 2002. Since 2003, its main effort has been to promote this commitment with its partners and the group has set an objective of making 60 % of its purchases from suppliers that have signed the Global Compact. Finally, a world programme has been unrolled to improve health and safety at work. In this context, Schneider Electric aims to ensure that all of its employees have basic social insurance, particularly in the emerging countries, and has set an objective of a 20 % annual reduction in days lost through work accidents over the period of its new² corporate programme (2005-2008).

    The Planet and Society Barometer, a corporate measuring tool introduced in 2005, enables us to mobilise employees throughout the world to converge around the company's major commitments and to share, with all the involved parties, the monitoring of its action plans. This tool has just received the audit assurance of the Official Auditors.

    By signing the Ecological Pact, Schneider Electric pledges to include most of the 10 proposed objectives (see annex) in its corporate policy and participate in the convergence of society's players towards more sustainable development.

    The Schneider Electric Planet and Society Barometer: progress objectives
    By certifying the conformity of the Barometer's indicators with regard to the reference standards established by the group, Ernst & Young enables Schneider Electric to assess its performance in an objective manner. The methodology employed by the auditing firm has brought out the exhaustive nature, relevance, neutrality and clarity of the reference standards, which include all the definitions, measuring procedures and information collecting methods adopted by Schneider Electric.

    The Planet and Society Barometer was introduced in the framework of new² company programme, which places great emphasis on progress objectives relating to Sustainable Development. Among the indicators followed, ten are directly concerned with Sustainable Development and feature in the Barometer, which measures Schneider Electric's corporate social responsibility performance.

    With criteria covering people, environment, community and corporate governance issues, it expresses the group's commitment to promoting Sustainable Development to both internal and external audiences.

    The Planet and Society Barometer pursues three imperatives:

    • - establishing a Sustainable Development training and awareness raising tool,
    • - defining strategic vectors of progress,
    • - communicating to interested parties the company's results and performance in terms of the results or lack of results of the process.

    "By creating the Planet and Society Barometer, our aim is to communicate precise results and have a simple educational tool that is immediately visible to interested parties, both internally and externally. Very clear progress has been achieved in the health/safety field, with a 38 % reduction in the number of days lost because of work accidents in 2006", explains Gilles Vermot Desroches, Schneider Electric's Vice-President, Sustainable Development.

    Every quarter, the Planet and Society Barometer follows the progress of the 10 Sustainable Development strategic indicators and communicates the results obtained. Each of the indicators is scored. The Group's general performance rose from 4/10 in 2004 to 7.01/10 in 2006. The objective is to achieve a performance of 8/10 by the end of 2008

    About Schneider Electric
    Schneider Electric is the world leader in electrical distribution and automation & control. Through its world-class brands, Merlin Gerin, Square D and Telemecanique, Schneider Electric develops a global offer of products and services for the residential, building, industry, energy and infrastructure markets. Schneider Electric employs 105,000 people, sells in 190 countries and, in 2006, made sales of € 13.7 billion through its distributors' 13,000 sales outlets.

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