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    Chinese mayors meet with French mayors

    On the occasion of the reciprocal France-China years that began in October 2003, 12 mayors of major Chinese cities, accompanied by 11 mayors of French cities, came to France to discover the technical, commercial and innovative potential of major French corporations like Air France, Alcatel, EADS, Véolia Environnement… and Schneider Electric, from February 11 to 18.

    The theme of this visit dealt with: "Urban growth and sustainable development: transportation, environment, energy and high technology."

    Schneider Electric had the honor of starting the visits by welcoming the Chinese mayors to the New Electric World Center*.

    > Schneider Electric in China
    Tianjin established in 1987 was the first factory of Schneider Electric in China. In this fast growing country, Schneider Electric's objective is to quickly meet a major local demand for products, which correspond to the full lineup of the company (in Electrical Distribution and Automation & Control).
    > Schneider Electric's key figures in China
    - over 20% sales growth vs. 2002
    - 4,000 employees
    - 28 regional field offices
    - 14 production units in Tianjin (2), Pékin (2), Shanghai (5), Canton(1), Suzhou (2), Wuxi (1), Dongguan (1)
    - 4 distribution centers,
    - 4 branches,
    - 2 training centers,
    - 1 R&D center
    - a network of 400 distributors covering 157 cities over an area of 10 million sq. km.

    2005 will be the year of France in China, where the Second Roundtable of Chinese and French mayors will be held.

    > New Electric World Center*
    This exhibit area is reserved in priority for Schneider Electric customers and offers an opportunity to find out who Schneider Electric is, what we do and how we are present in everyone's daily life.
    Drawing upon a modern design and especially innovative technology, the center showcases our Vision, our Mission, our strengths, our activities, as well as our markets, our businesses, our products and our brands.

    More about Schneider Electric in China: