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    The Foundation’s activities rewarded in the Netherlands and Costa Rica

    The local involvement of Schneider Electric employees in the Dutch (Logistics Center) and Costa Rican subsidiaries has been rewarded with two prizes.
    These prizes were part of a contest whose objective was to reward companies and organizations for their exemplary policies and actions with the Community.

    Netherlands – Public prize awarded by the Dutch Organizations Voluntary Work Association
    Schneider Electric’s international logistics center in the Netherlands received the general public prize for its local support of handicapped children. For their initial participation in the Luli campaign in 2003, Foundation delegate, and employees at the center decided to support the association, “Stichting De Wendel,” that takes care of motor impaired and mentally handicapped children. The project consisted of enabling these children to participate in equestrian therapy. Over and above financial support, a "get acquainted day" was organized between employees, parents, educators and children.
    The Dutch delegate indicates “this prize rewards our first participation in the Luli program, but above all the commitment and enthusiasm of our employees. We will try to do even better next year!

    Costa Rica – honorable mention for actions to renovate the María Reina de Pavas School
    The Foundation delegate in Costa Rica, suggested to employees that they participate in renovating the María Reina de Pavas School as part of the AED association’s “united for schools” program. By combining everyone’s skills, the school was painted, cleaned and its electrical installation renovated, the Foundation local delegate indicates, “each company should give back positive things to the surrounding community. It is important to become aware that living in a healthy community is profitable for everyone.”

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