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    A Sustainable Development policy on all fronts

     Distribution of "Talents des Cités" awards
    At the "Talents des Cités" (urban talents) awards ceremony, Gilles Vermot Desroches, Foundation and Sustainable Development director, awarded a national prize to Bécharki Méterfi, young entrepreneur and head of "Delta Auto Négoce" (foods transport/free delivery of spare automobile parts).
    Bécharki Méterfi is one of 22 winners selected from the "Talents des Cités" * competition, which for two years now, has been rewarding young people from low-income neighborhoods who create businesses.
    "What was most striking about Bécharki's project was this 29-year-old businessman's determination," explained Gilles Vermot Desroches. "And also his ability to combine a passion with a professional activity. Finally, it was also his involvement with disadvantaged youth."

    The first edition of the Sustainable Development and Business book prize
    Schneider Electric awarded the 2003 Sustainable Development and Business book prize on November 26, 2003. As an official partner in this event, organized by the CIDEM**, the idea is simple:
    Sustainable Development is now a concept of vital importance.
    But companies are faced with a confused mass of approaches, methods, terminologies... How is it possible to help them take action?

    This is the purpose of the "Sustainable Development and Business" book prize.
    The prize was awarded to Alain Chauveau and Jean-Jacques Rosé for their book The Responsible Company, Editions d'organisation 2003.
    "We chose this book from the six, pre-selected works for several reasons," explains Gilles Vermot Desroches. "First, it caught our attention for its in-depth analysis, which was very comprehensive and sometimes critical. The numerous illustrations make it easier to understand the company's approach in concrete terms. Finally, there is a feeling of openness in the work, with the use numerous external sources of information."

    * Talents des Cités competition, launched by the Deputy Minister of Cities and Urban Renovation (France).
    ** The CIDEM, a major player in management and human resources, has been involved for a long time now in clarifying the concept of "sustainable development" for business.

    More information about the Schneider Electric Foundation: