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    A difficult challenge in Chile

    The D&S (Distribucion y Servicio S.A.) supermarket chain has 62 stores throughout Chile. Concerned with its electric power consumption, D&S contacted Schneider Electric to see how it could cut operating costs in their stores.
    Schneider Electric was provided with very precise specifications: reduce costs by optimizing power consumption, but without affecting consumers in any manner whatsoever.

    It was therefore necessary to simultaneously work on three areas – air-conditioning, shelf refrigeration and lighting – by applying the same principle as that generally used in "intelligent" buildings, i.e. vary power supply according to attendance.
    Schneider Electric's proposed solution was selected and Premium PLCs, connected by an Ethernet network to the D&S central maintenance center, were installed.
    It is now possible to dial up and take selective action to control customers' comfort in this supermarket chain, keeping in mind that Chile is 5,000 kilometers long and climatic conditions are not the same in the north as in the south.
    The results are very conclusive because between the months of May and September, that is winter time in Chile, D&S recorded energy savings of more than 30%.