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    Schneider Electric makes inroads in Eastern Saudi Arabia

    The Schneider Eelectric Saudi subsidiary has just won a US$2.5 million tender call to supply 590 RM6s (Ring Main Unit) to the Saudi Electric Company Eastern Branch.

    Schneider Electric's success can be summed up in two words:
    > Specification: in favor of the circuit-breaker solution over the more conventional local solution of fuse-switches,
    > Teamwork: between the Sales, Marketing and Design departments who succeeded in convincing a customer that was highly reticent to change.

    Consequently, in Saudi Arabia, Schneider Electric meets its dual objective of permanently conquering significant market share in the fast-growing energy industry with RM6 cubicles and gradually shifting this business to the transactional mode through a local partner.
    This contract has lots of future potential: the Saudi Electric Company, Saudi Arabia's power utility that is in the process of reunifying across the country, will soon launch a new tender call over one thousand devices in the Western part of the kingdom.
    Today, Schneider Electric is well positioned for the future because, after the Eastern and the Western part of the country, the entire country will be involved in this extension of the power grid.