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    Schneider Electric Chile dresses up its distributors' counters

    "The battle between suppliers for the best position at distributors' locations is fierce; free space is hard to find and sales outlet managers don't want to take down everything," explained the Marketing Manager at Schneider Electric Chile.
    Based on this knowledge, the marketing team used their creativity and developed a totally new approach to Point of Sale (POS) materials: they dressed up the distributors' counter fronts with Merlin Gerin and Telemecanique visuals printed on plastic film.

    "Customers see us as soon as they come through the door," he continued. "To achieve this, we have worked on visuals featuring close-ups of people and products. In addition, the plastic film is good for covering surfaces, the imperfections of which we have even bee able to hide. In this way, our Chilean distributor Gobantes' sales outlets stand out by giving us a great deal of visibility."