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    Schneider Electric EastMed out to attack the residential market

    Schneider Electric in the Middle East (Lebanon, Jordania, Syria) attacks on the new target residential market means moving fast and understanding the market's needs and expectations.
    Decision of the Management for EastMed Countries was therefore made to launch a complete range devoted to residential housing – panels and consumer final low voltage– with a special sales team and catalogue designed to target resellers who were little known or unknown to Schneider Electric, by capitalizing on the Merlin Gerin brand, which enjoys strong awareness in this market," explained the Manager for EastMed Countries.

    From the beginning of 2003, three events were organized in the three major countries covered by this region, bringing together more than 300 resellers and electricians.

    The strong points of the event:
    > An exhibit of products for the residential market and new products (Domae, Easypact, Ultraterminal);
    > Projection of a 20-minute film prepared especially for the event, presenting the entire residential market offer;
    > Distribution of a local, tailor-made electricians' catalogue;
    > A Questions and Answers area, headed up by employees of both the subsidiary and the distributors who participated in the event.

    The subsidiary is betting strongly on this new approach to:
    > Extend residential market coverage and the database of resellers and electricians;
    > Increase the awareness of Schneider Electric as a seller of original, high-quality products, and raise the awareness of its customers of the problem of counterfeits.