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    Smart Housing Award in Australia

    These awards are Australia's only national environmental housing awards designed to foster and recognise excellence in environmentally-conscious building design and practice.
    Schneider Electric in Australia has announced its sponsorship of the prestigious HIA (Housing Industry Association) GreenSmart " Smart Housing " Award 2003 in keeping with its commitment to provide innovative, environmentally-friendly building solutions, and in line with our NEW2004 company program.
    The GreenSmart initiative focuses on eduacting builders, designers, product manufacturers and consumers about the benefits of environmentally responsible building. It is aimed at the mainstream housing industry and provides practical means of promoting environmental principles and keeping the industry ahead of regulatory requirements.
    The Schneider Electric's Pacific zone Director, said " the HIA GreenSmart Awards are leading the way in encouraging and acknowledging the efforts of the housing industry to ensure the buildings they create are environmentally responsible and energy-efficient. Schneider Electric has long been a leader in developing clean, safe and efficient technologies and encouraging their use and we have decided to sponsor this award because we believe our principles align closely with those of HIA GreenSmart ".
    The fourth National HIA GreenSmart Awards will be presented on July 31, 2003 in Perth.

    More about our company's program and our 6 Challenges: