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    Expo Mailing operation in Italia

    Schneider Electric Italy has decided to adjust as close as possible to its customers' needs through specific and concret actions:
    > Specialized exhibits,
    > Its Internet website which features the Expo 2003 section, a continuously open, constantly updated virtual trade show, as well as online demos, presenting new products directly on the Internet site.

    During few months, online demos will be held. Product managers will interact with all registered customers to present new product features and answer questions.
    An "Expo 2003, the Continuous Trade Show" CD-ROM has been prepared in 20,000 copies, with:
    > 15,000 sent to all Schneider Electric Italy's active customers and prospects on May 13 by regular mail;
    > 5,000 sent to all Schneider Electric sales offices in Italy so that they can be distributed by our sales force locally.

    This new approach of a continuous trade show had and will continue to have additional phases: during all future product launchings. In the future, it will serve as the Web-based vehicle for keeping our customers informed of all developments

    Visit the Schneider Electric Italian website and "Expo 2003":