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    Institut Schneider Formation certified ISO 9001 version 2000

    Based in France, ISF (Institut Schneider Formation) has been ISO 9001 certified since 1994. However, to retain this certification, it had to successfully pass the 2000 version before the end of 2003. In January 2002, management decided to go all out to pass the 2000 standard by the beginning of 2003, one year ahead of the deadline set by AFAQ (the French organization that manages certifications). This tight timing was met thanks to the entire team's involvement.

    > What were the stakes for ISF?
    For lSF's Manager, certification means:
    > Increased efficiency: methods to improve quality, and therefore satisfaction and customer loyalty.
    > Increased credibility: a label with broad recognition, it is even required by some major customers.
    > Increased speed: AFAQ gave us a target and a guide, constraints that make one move forward.

    > A cultural change
    The new ISO 9001 reference standard represents a real cultural change for company employees. Its key success factor is everyone's involvement in the functioning of his radically customer-oriented Quality Management System.

    > A team project
    The entire personnel, from managers to employees, was involved throughout the project and continuously informed of the project's progress and objectives.
    At the end of the project, as in a product launch, a promotional phase was carried out with the entire ISF and its partners.

    > Zoom in on ISF
    ISF is:
    > Schneider Electric's customer and authorized distributor training center in France
    > The designer of educational products for teaching and continuous training
    > A publisher status
    > An organization certified ISO 9001 since 1994.

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