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    A first in China!

    Schneider Electric has won a major contract for the Saint Gobain Sekurit plant in Shanghai, a Saint Gobain subsidiary.
    Since 1929, Saint Gobain Sekurit has been supplying car manufacturers with windshields, side windows, rear windows and glass roofs that best meet consumer expectations.
    The new Shanghai plant is being built jointly with Korean manufacturer Hankuk, representing one of Saint Gobain's efforts to stake a leading claim in this market.
    Schneider Electric will receive a major share of the investment as the plant will be equipped with Schneider Electric solutions at all levels, from 35 kV electrical distribution up to variable speed drives, also including 10 kV distribution equipment and Trihal dry-type transformers, LV switchboards, industrial control devices and installation services.

    > This contract is a first for two reasons:
    > it is the first consequent project for our Trihal dry-type transformer plant* in China;
    > it represents the first major installed base for variable-speed drives for asynchronous motor control, with power up to 450 kW.
    This success is the result of excellent cooperation between teams based in France and in China, and very strong involvement of all players, including from our customer Saint Gobain.
    The competence of our team in China and their knowledge of the field that has been acquired the past few years were key factors of success. Expertise in "power-supply bureau" and the involvement of local design institutes in administratively engineering the project were also determining factors, by allowing Saint Gobain to avoid administrative procedures.
    This very significant reference will be used by Schneider Electric to showcase its expertise in the Chinese glass industry, giving it access to this quite promising market.

    > *Schneider Shilin (Suzhou) Transformer Co. Ltd (SSST)
    SSST is a SECI and SEEC (Shilin Electric and Engineering Corp.) Joint Venture, which manufactures Trihal dry-type transformers.

    This plant was set up to meet the demand of Chinese customers in Schneider Electric electrical distribution solutions.
    Schneider Electric has been operating in China since 1987. It currently has 26 regional sales offices, 11 joint ventures, 3 logistics centers, 2 training centers, and a research and development center, and employs 3,800 persons. In addition, it has developed strategic partnerships with its 400 distributors via a network covering 157 cities in an area spanning10 million square km.

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