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    Harnessing the wind in Vendée (France)

    Schneider Electric has been chosen by Nordex, one of the world leaders in the construction of windmills to handle the electrical distribution from two wind farms near Bouin, in the Vendée region of France. The farms comprise 8 N80-type windmills, each unit capable of producing from 2.4 to 2.5 megawatts. With a total installed output of 19.5 megawatts, the installation is the most powerful to date in France.
    Besides supplying 8 RM6 protection and distribution cells by Merlin Gerin, 8 Trihal dry-type 2.5 megawatt transformers, a live filter and 2 substations connected to the EDF network, Schneider Electric will also provide a range of services and supervision of the electrical components.
    The services include the survey, underground connections between the windmills, the installation and commissioning of the equipment situated both in the tower of each windmill and in the substation.
    The investment was made by "SIIF Energies France", a subsidiary of EDF, specialising in renewable energy and which also developed and oversaw the project.
    These new wind farms will be commissioned in June 2003 and Nordex will be responsible for operation and maintenance.