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    Mission to Kosovo: Schneider Electric repairs a power station in record time

    Alstom Power Services France, was contracted out by KEK (the local electricity company) to renovate the Pristina thermal power station in Kosovo. The station was built in two phases and supplies 70% of the country's electrical power.
    A fire broke out in July 2002, causing extensive damage and interrupting all power station service, thus leaving thousands of persons without power.

    KEK, financed by the European Community, obtained the necessary funding at the end of July to begin renovation. The order was placed at the end of August, and two weeks later, Schneider Electric delivered the awaited equipment, including six new automated devices, since the initial order had been destroyed in the fire.
    Alstom went on-site and undertook to restart the power station before December 5, 2002.
    This time, the entire team began a reconstruction operation, not just renovation anymore, in order to restart the B2 portion of the power station, which contains all control and monitoring systems.
    All interfaces had to be changed, from the control room to the equipment supplied by Schneider Electric (6 Premium PLCs and 4 MONITOR PRO supervision units).
    Alstom encountered difficulties in early November with MODBUS communication and the implementation of the MONITOR PRO supervision functions. Alstom therefore contacted Schneider Electric to provide technical assistance for the implementation of MODBUS communication with the regulation equipment, and to finalize the supervision application.
    Thanks to forward-looking resource management, the Services Center in Lyon quickly made the right man for the job, Benoît Gibergues, engineering expert in communication and supervision networks available.

    The mission was successfully completed on the initially scheduled date. We were able to respond and solve the customer's problem in record time.