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    Chorus recorded its millionth customer call !

    Chorus is a sales tool for French customers, launched in 2002. The service is accessed via a special telephone number and groups together sales and technical teams, together with tools that are entirely geared towards the customer.
    Its mission is to provide customers with analysis, specific solutions, made-to-measure responses and personalized follow-up each time they call. In order to make theirs customers' performance more dynamic, Schneider Electric France works alongside them by making its experience and expert skills in electrical distribution and automation available to them.
    Chorus is celebrating its millionth call. Directly in line with challenge no. 1 of our company program NEW2004, "Be more Customer-centric," we can congratulate the teams in the five service centers in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes and Metz, as well as the service plants in charge of electrical equipment repairs and renovation, for their fine work.

    Chorus, an entire team available to customers!
    > Chorus Direct
    A single telephone number and 70 attentive, competent and available sales advisors to handle your queries.
    > Chorus Experts
    Diagnosis, online advice, design assistance. ..100 technical advisors have the answer to everything, in real time.
    > Chorus Web
    This information is accessible on all Schneider Electric Internet and extranet sites, everyday, at any hour.
    > Sales teams and sales offices
    Exchanges, proximity, reception, training ... the sales team guarantees satisfaction.
    > Official Distributors
    Chorus is supported in the field by 750 Official Distributors' sales outlets, your daily relays.

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