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    2 contracts for Schneider Electric on the Hospital market

    Schneider Electric grows on the Hospital market around the world : After the Oran CHU, the Tripoli Medical Centre in Libya, the Cotonou Hospital in Benin, the Felix Guyon and St Pierre Hospitals in La Reunion and the Point à Pitre CHU in Guadeloupe, the Schneider Electric has just been awarded of two major contracts in Algeria:
    - Oran Military and University Hospital
    - Constantine Military and University Hospital
    Those two hospitals have a capacity of more than 700 beds and will open at the end of 2003 for Oran and 2004 for Constantine. Each hospital has an installed power of 12 MVA.

    For Schneider Electric, it is a contract of more than 7M EUR in electrical equipment from our Merlin Gerin brand:
    - 26 SM6 cells for the medium voltage,
    - 8 2850 kVA Trihal transformers with Canalis bus bars,
    - 4 general low voltage Okken switchboards,
    - 2 Okken switchboards with its monitoring and control system for the automatic load transfer,
    - 250 Prisma distribution boards,
    - and all the complementary equipment (secured power, battery charger, …)

    Those two contracts give new development possibilities:
    - They are part of a construction plan of five or six hospitals in Algeria ,
    - They are a source of new service contracts for the local Schneider Electric company.