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    Spotlight on Australia

    Schneider Electric in Australia has been chosen to supply PLCs and Telemecanique Altivar speed drives to control the most technically-advanced cage-making machines in the world.
    The machines, manufactured by Cagemaker, can produce high quality reinforcing cages 60 percent faster than traditional methods and the production process is also safer and more reliable.
    "Reinforcing cages" are made of shaped metal rods and are used to reinforce the concrete in structures such as bridges, electricity pylons and multi-storey buildings.

    The cages can weigh up to 10 tons.The traditional method of producing such cages is by hand - a labour and space intensive process.
    The new cage manufacturing control system in Cagemaker's machines uses Altivar drives controlled by PLCs to run the motors which bend the metal rods into the cage shape required. The technology is very advanced and provides features other machines cannot match. The computer-controlled system allows the machines to produce consistently high quality cages with very high accuracy, for example the PLCs control the pitch of the cage, allowing a variation of only + 5 mm compared to the traditional + 20 mm.

    The Schneider Electric products were chosen for several reasons including their open communications capabilities and their ease of set-up. Another deciding: the support that our company is able to give anywhere in the world. Cagemaker has been able to guarantee to prospects that its equipment is of world standard and that service and spare parts are available everywhere.

    > On another field, Schneider Electric in Australia has just been awarded 5th position in the MMEM (MM Electrical Merchandising) Suppliers Top Ten Club. MMEM is the local branch of Consolidated Electrical Distributors, one of the world's leading electrical wholesalers and distributors.
    MMEM assessment was based on 7 different criteria including representative support, delivery, back orders, credit requests and quotation support.

    > And last, but not least before closing this Australian chapter, Nu-Lec manufacturing plant in Lytton has joined the list of the industrial plants with ISO 14001 certification.

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