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    Schneider Electric endorses UN Global Compact

    Schneider Electric's endorsement of the Global Compact principles.
    This contract, which was launched at the initiative of the Secretary- General of the United Nations, invites companies to adopt, support and apply, in a "spirit of sustainable and responsible development", nine universal principles in the areas of human rights, labor standards and the environment. Signatories of the Global Compact undertake to eliminate all forms of forced and compulsory labour and abolish child labour.
    Each year, Schneider Electric will share with the United Nations an example of the action undertaken in implementing these principles. Henri Lachmann also undertook to inform the Group's main suppliers and clients about the commitment to the Global Compact and propose that they join the group of signatories.

    > Around 650 companies worldwide have endorsed the Global Compact, including some large companies such as Aventis, Carrefour, EDF, France Telecom, Renault , ST Microelectronics, Suez, TotalFinaElf, Vivendi Environnement.

    Schneider Electric publishes its principles of responsiblity
    You will find more information within the framework of challenge 6 " Develop corporate Community Responsibility " of our company program NEW2004, Schneider Electric recently defined its principles of responsibility. They will serve as a reference framework to guide each person in their decisions and actions taken with regard to all our stakeholders : employees, customers and suppliers, shareholders, the community and the environment.

    More information on the Global Compact: