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    Remote correction at the Banco Central in Lima (Peru)

    In January 2002, the "Banco Central de Reserva" in Peru had difficulty in interpreting certain information from the PM300 metering unit. The Metering and Protection Systems Manager at Schneider Electric Peru, was immediately alerted by the client and worked with his contacts at the Schneider Electric Industry Development Department to find the best way to perform a complete analysis and determine the reason for the metering discrepancies and, of course, to correct them.
    An innovative solution, was then set up between Peru and France.
    > In Peru, three latest-generation PM500 metering units were installed on-site, together with a CM4000 portable network analyzer to detect discrepancies, analyze them and understand the cause of failures.
    > In France, before the start of testing, the installation and all the conditions for analyzing measurements were replicated "in vitro" at the Schneider Electric French plant's laboratory. During testing, all parameters were retrieved through PC and telephone communications.
    Two months were necessary to record and interpret data, and then to provide a detailed technical explanation to the client. Today, the client is satisfied since the bank learned how to better use and control its metering unit, without having to change it.

    A new approach to customer service was developed between the Industry Development Department in France and the Peruvian subsidiary for this case, giving the local Peruvian representants full responsibility as the local interface.
    The Grenoble team, made up of eight persons, including three experts, performed this "remote diagnosis".

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