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    Public lighting: the Lubio line makes the difference

    The Syndicat Intercommunal d'Electricité (local power utility) in Ain, France, on behalf of the region's central utility in Gex, France sent out a public call for tenders for the renovation of the public lighting control system.

    Schneider Electric has just received an order for 138 units, a sale valued at 225K euros, through its partner Redilec, a panel-builder specializing in public lighting. Delivery will be spread out over an eight-week period and initial commissioning will begin in March 2003.

    The Lubio line offers many advantages:
    > delivers major savings in energy consumption (up to 40%) and in operating costs;
    > compact, modular design for easy integration into existing enclosures and power scalability to match network evolution;
    > The safety of property (by limiting output current) and of people (by maintaining lighting during a power blackout), also has not been forgotten.

    The Lubio line offers the following features:
    > On/off lighting control;
    > Voltage regulation and variation;
    > Measurement of the network's electrical parameters (consumed power, number of hours of operation, etc.).
    It can be used in all types of public lighting networks.

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