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    New ISO 9001 version 2000 certification

    At Schneider Electric, the Service Center in Lyon is now among the 3% of businesses based in France and certified in 1994, to have obtained version 2000 certification.
    A total of 20% of the Lyon Service Center's sales are with customers who demand this level of quality: France Telecom, EDF, DCN Cherbourg, etc.
    Obtaining this certification requires implementing a process with no less than 8 phases.
    The main phases can be summarized as follows:
    - extensive analysis of customer requirement through the use of different tools: marketing research, preliminary diagnosis, diagnosis, etc.
    > customer requirement formulated in the project file describing the request in full detail;
    > formalizing the project review makes it possible to trace the different phases being followed up: functional analysis, organic analysis, platform test, commissioning, etc.
    Then customer satisfaction is measured, thus leading to the launching of corrective or preventive actions. Suppliers and subcontractors are also assessed when they have participated in a project.
    Finally, the skills of each employee are evaluated to confirm that all means implemented to best meet the customer's requirement were adequate. All of these phases are formalized in the "Quality Manual" and in the so-called "Qualédi" in-house database (a Schneider Electric tool for editing project files).

    Internally, carrying out such a project brought rigor to the team. It led to the development of progress indicators making it possible to continuously improve the work of the team. This was also an opportunity to develop a training plan for all staff and to formalize the sharing of knowledge and skills. This project is part of the challenge n°1 "Be more customer centric".
    This ISO 9001 certification operation also proved to be an excellent local management tool. The team now has a much more professional customer approach and it is proud of this official recognition.

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