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    Geronimo sets a new record to the Horn

    On Thursday February 20 at 19:16:13 GMT, Geronimo set a new record time for the passage from Ushant to Cape Horn. The Cap Gemini and Schneider Electric crew have improved by one and a half days on the time set by Bruno Peyron and his crew last year, despite a very difficult time in the Southern Ocean and the ever-present threat of icebergs. The French trimaran has also suffered from low pressure areas much further north than anticipated, which have prevented the crew from heading further south, thus extending the distance they have had to travel. The end result is that Geronimo has travelled 350 sea miles further than Orange to reach the famous Chilean rock.

    This achievement has allowed the Cap Gemini and Schneider Electric trimaran to add yet another record time to those already set for the passages to the Equator, the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Leeuwin, as well as the intermediate times to the Antimeridian (half way round the world) and the passage from the Equator to the Cape of Good Hope.