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    Schneider Electric pushes ahead with power line technology

    On January 15, 2003 the Schneider Electric sister company in Italy signed an agreement with Alpikom Spa* is an integrated communications company.
    The purpose of this agreement is to equip about one hundred private citizens with high speed Internet access on power line carrier (PLC) in an effort to validate quality of service and investigate new services to offer using this technology.
    The PLC growth potential is very high, and in the future, Schneider Electric could plan on massive development, building on the PLC equipment marketed by its subsidiary Easyplug.
    Thanks to the agreement signed, Alpikom will be able to provide its end users with basic telco services using the existing power grid: telephone, video phone, high speed Internet access, high frequency video transmission.

    With this agreement, Schneider Electric will reinforce its presence in the telecom industry, offering tailored solutions developed by Easyplug. Such an operation falls within a wider strategic development plan in the high-speed Internet and LAN market.

    ikom Spa*is affiliated with Azienda Energetica (company generating, distributing and selling electrical power in the region of Bolzano) and Trentino Servizi Spa (Service company of Trento and Rovereto).

    More about Easyplug: