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    Electrical fittings for the new Holiday Inn Hotel in Brazil

    Schneider Electric Brazil, working in partnership with the air-conditioning system installer, TUMA ENGEMAC, equipped the 224 apartments of the latest luxury, ocean-front hotel constructed in Salvador de Bahia.
    "Working with Schneider Electric is easy," revealed Fernando Feirrera, a technician at TUMA, "because we are sure to always have only one business contact and person in charge, who will do everything possible at Schneider Electric to find a solution to our problem."
    The hotel maintenance manager, admitted that his main concern was the electrical equipment's resistance to the corrosion caused by the nearly constant salty fog against the building's ocean-front façade. "This is one of the reasons that led us to select Schneider Electric equipment, because we can be sure of its reliability in these climatic conditions."
    The 5MVA installation includes a distribution substation with an SM6 cubicle, a Masterpact switchboard and control panels for air-conditioning units, as well as low-voltage modular panels outside each apartment.
    The head of the Schneider Electric sales office in Bahia, confirmed that the opportunities for increasing sales through partnerships with air-conditioning installers are enormous if training is developed, because there are still not enough experienced local specialists in relation to the demands of the Residential Market.
    For this purpose, Schneider Electric in Brazil concentrated one week of training and information in Bahia through its truck showroom. Each day was devoted to a specific topic.

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