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    Do you have the drive of an entrepreneur ?

    On the 28th of November, the Schneider Electric Youth Opportunities Foundation will reward the 7 winning projects of its Call for Projects.
    After hearing all about the selected winning projects (from among 50 submitted project files), the award-winners will be announced.

    This is the second Call for Projects entitled "Do you have the drive of an entrepreneur?" To participate in this contest, there are two conditions: the projects must be put forward by candidates of less than 35 years of age, either as individuals or in a team, and must be related to the business activities of Schneider Electric.
    A Call for Projects is of course synonymous with financial assistance (from 10,000 to 30,000 Euros!). However, for the Schneider Electric Foundation, it is first and foremost a question of patronage of competency that is at the heart of this competition and which makes all the difference. The young award winner(s) will be provided with a sponsor – a Schneider Electric expert or employee – and will thus be able to profit from the services of the Group for a period of one year (international development, management, legal, marketing...)

    > Discover the winners and their projects

    Antoine Autran, 29 years of age, Art et Métiers Engineer
    > Mon-linge.net: design of an automated device for a 24-hour service laundromat: automation of the washing, drying and storage of laundry.

    Fabien Beckers, 29 years of age, Physics PHD
    > Axces: creation of the first pastille capable of remote interaction and the inventing of a future-generation bar code.

    Régis Chapeaublanc, 34 years of age, Industrial > >Draughtsmanship CAP (vocational training certificate) and F1 Technological Baccalaureat
    Auton'Home Productions: design, assembly and installation of low power wind turbines.

    Pierre Forté, 25 years of age, Aerospace Engineer
    > IG2EPAC (Integration and management of fuel cell generators): development of a transportable fuel cell-based generator.

    Jean-François Jacqueton, 36 years of age, Industrial >Engineering DESS (one-year post-graduate diploma) and MBA
    AlbatroS: an independent project engineering company serving local authorities in the development and operation of wind farms.

    Eudes Lucet, 22 years of age, École des Mines Engineer
    >Thermochromic display: the use of an ink that changes colour with temperature. Final project: to invent animation components to be used in point of sale publicity.

    Gilles Meyer, 37 years of age, Milling Machine Setter-Operator >CAP (vocational training certificate) and Automation Electronics DPCT
    Chirpaz: establishment of several electrical installation entities in the Rhône Alpes region.

    More about The Schneider Electric Youth Opportunities Foundation: