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    Schneider Electric is strengthening its commitment to high-speed powerline carrier telecom infrastructures with the aim of heading the field

    At the Elec Fair (Villepinte-Paris) Eric Pilaud, Executive Vice-President Strategy and Market Developement at Schneider Electric has reaffirmed the will of the Group to expand significantly in the market for high-speed internet access infrastructures based on powerline carrier technology.

    This decision is the result of experimentation and exploration carried out by Easyplug, its joint venture with Thomson. At the end of this phase, Schneider Electric considers that the conditions for rapid development in the market are now fulfilled, notably thanks to the performance and reliability of the most advanced technologies, and that there are genuine growth opportunities in the European and Asian markets. This development is driven by the necessity of having an offering to complement the current high-speed solutions and by the very large market accessible in emerging countries, where the traditional infrastructures such as the telephone network are only partially developed.

    Schneider Electric's priority target will be the outdoor access market and it will propose its offering to electricity distribution companies. Thanks to powerline carrier technology, the capillarity of the electrical networks will be made available to the telecommunications companies and access providers so that they can extend their high-speed coverage more quickly and more economically. The objective is to have over 1 million connection points installed by 2006.

    Schneider Electric will also target the supply of LAN extension and high-speed internet access dispatching solutions using power line carriers for the markets targeted in the building industry, by proposing an extremely interesting, economical alternative to traditional cabling for intermittent and mobile use, such as in schools, museums, hotels, etc. For this, Schneider Electric will rely on its network of partner electricians in the countries targeted.

    With this ambition, Schneider Electric is committing itself to its traditional customers, electricity companies and building contractors, so that they can handle the new trades linked to the introduction of new technologies.