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    United Arab Emirates and business in the 21st century

    The Schneider Electric sister company in the United Arab Emirates has won a 2.8 million € contract to provide the electrical distribution on the renovation of the region’s largest shopping mall.

    The second shopping mall in a new generation of giants in the gulf country, the “Bur Jurman Centre” (built in 1992) belongs to the “Al Ghurair” group. It is undergoing an ambitious expansion and renovation program with the addition of 52,000 sq. m., a 19-story office building and two apartment towers complete with parking and commercial services.
    As part of a total budget of 275 million €, Schneider Electric’s local subsidiary won a 2.8 million € contract to provide the low voltage distribution, including 500 Prisma P columns equipped with Compact NS and Masterpact NW, 220 ATV 38 variable speed drives and Square D brand electrical busbar trunking.
    The contract was won thanks to the excellent collaboration between the Dubai sales agency and the specifier, the Buro Happold architectural firm, the Car Al Handasah consulting firm and the Kharafi International engineering firm.

    Schneider Electric in the United Arab Emirates has been a partner from the beginning of the Al Ghurair Group, which launched the “shopping mall” concept at the end of the 80s, fulfilling both the government’s ambitions to make Dubai a leading business and tourism travel destination and the growth in social importance of shopping malls in the world. In 1994, during the extension of the first “Al Ghurair Centre” shopping mall, Schneider Electric, through its franchisee partner, the panel-builder Verger et Delporte, was selected to supply one hundred Masterblock columns for an amount equivalent at the time to 1.4 million €.