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    First ISO 14001 certification in China

    Schneider Beijing Low Voltage, one of Schneider Electric Joint Ventures in China, has just obtained the ISO 14001 certification after a 7 month flying process.
    It is the first Schneider Electric plant in China to obtain the ISO 14001 certification. A special thanks goes to the intense work of a 10 people team based in France and in China.
    « The Chinese government strongly encourages the ISO 14001 certification and for this certification it provides incentives by refunding 30% of the costs to those companies that obtain it. China is presently preparing for the 2008 Olympics and compliance to ISO 14001 can become differentiator in contractor selection criteria », says the SBLV Quality & Environment Manager.

    SBLV has been producing products since the beginning of 1998. Today there are 11 production lines which manufacture various ranges of Compact NS (100 to 630 A) and Trophy NS (100A) Series Breakers. The plant employs 226 people and its production represents 15% of the Molded Case Circuit Breaker global volume.

    Nota :ISO 14001 is focused on the deployment of environmental management systems. Complying to this standard is part of our company’s NEW2004 program priorities.