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    New commitment to services

    During the meetings organized by the French business magazine "Usine Nouvelle" on October 24 in Paris, France, Schneider Electric, together with its partners Air Liquide and Euriware, presented its achievements in the fields of enterprise cooperation, consulting and expertise (outsourcing and value-added services) to over 100 decision-makers.
    Schneider Electric's mission is to assist customers in their search and implementation of value-producing solutions: auditing, consulting, manufacturing productivity improvement, energy savings and industrial reorganization.

    CEO Henri Lachmann recalled “Schneider Electric's commitment to this field as a manufacturer specializing in electrical distribution and automation. Our skills and expertise are made available to serve our customers, who can then concentrate on their core businesses."

    It is no longer simply a question of selling technical products and directly related services, but of developing original solutions to support their development projects. To do so, Schneider Electric uses its own experience as a manufacturer and its partners' know-how.