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    The Alexandria library is reborn

    Founded more than two thousand years ago, the Alexandria library, one of the most celebrated intellectual centers in the history of mankind, has now officially reopened its doors.
    In 1986, UNESCO, the Egyptian government and the local universities launched the project to build a new library in Alexandria. The foundation stone was laid in 1995, after an international architectural competition that lasted three years. Schneider Electric in Egypt was selected from among several of its international competitors to provide the new library with the electrical equipment. The complete package includes: 11 dry-type transformers, 24 medium-voltage substations, 100 low-voltage switchboards, 250 distribution panels for lighting and for automation, pump and air-conditioning system control.

    After the successful completion and delivery of this first portion, the subsidiary received an additional order for 2 LV/MV dry-type transformers, UPS and busbar trunking for the Conference Center included in the new complex.

    Archimedes, Euclid, Erastothenes … all worked in what was once the intellectual center of the Mediterranean. We are happy to have contributed to its rebirth.

    The library is built by the sea and is defined by its designers as “the continuity between the past and the future, and reconciles the local with the universal". The “Bibliotheca Alexandrina” stands at the cutting edge of knowledge and technology.

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