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    Electricity generated by volcano

    In Bouillante in Guadeloupe, France has developed an original method of generating electricity, based on the little-known technique of geothermics.
    By boring at a depth of 340 meters at the foot of the Soufrière volcano water vapour is extracted from the volcano and injected into the center of the turbines, thus enabling the generators to operate.

    This technology is extremely promising for all these volcanic islands which possess their own methods of electricity generation and can therefore use their own natural resources at a very competitive cost (around 3 times less than a diesel generator) whilst respecting the environment.
    If this operation is a success, Schneider Electric could be involved in a highly profitable venture.

    In Guadeloupe, the Bouillante project is helping to increase the generation capacity of an existing installation to more than 15MW, thus providing a remarkable share of the island’s electricity needs.