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    Agentina comitment for the interest of the comunity and for education

    In spite of the unprecedented social, economical and political crisis which is shaking Argentina, Schneider Electric has been obliged to do some belt-tightening and is now preparing for the future by consolidating the base of good practices that have been accumulated over the years. It is now more committed than ever to working in the interest of the community and for education.

    The subsidiary launched a three-phase global action in July.

    The first illustration of this commitment was a donation of Telemecanique and Merlin Gerin equipment (contactors, automated devices and Multi 9 miniature circuit-breakers) to 13 schools around the country. The donation - valued at approximately USD100,000.

    In parallel, the subsidiary is participating in an initiative organized by the municipal government of Buenos Aires known as "Escuelas Solidarias" (Schools in Solidarity), which is aimed, as its name indicates, to deploy the concept of solidarity at the school level. A contest for solidarity projects was launched in the city's public and private technical high schools: 350 teachers and 5,000 students "delved" into the subject, and 20 projects were selected, with 6 winning prizes, one first prize and five honorable mentions. Schneider Electric Argentina awarded an honorable mention to the Alejandro Volta Technical High School, where students aged 15-17 decided to train students from low-income schools during their free time, and also perform the minor technical maintenance necessary to improve the environment. The school received Schneider Electric equipment from the subsidiary of a total value of USD 5,000 to equip an industrial automation laboratory.

    Following the success of this first experience, and once again in partnership with the city of Buenos Aires, Schneider Electric is transforming the test with the launching of the "Industrial Automation Olympics". The target has been enlarged to tertiary sector education. Students and instructors from 40 technical high schools and 4 universities are working together to present their best automation projects. The winners will be selected in mid-October and will receive prizes similar to those of the "Escuelas Solidarias" project.

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