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    A huge Gas Project in Lybia

    Schneider Electric secured a strategic contract in the Oil and Gas field for the supply of the Complete Power Management System, the Medium Voltage Switchgear and the Oil Transformers for two major sites in Libya.

    It has been 3 years since the National Oil Corporation in Libya (NOC) signed an historic agreement with Italy’s Agip to build a gas pipeline between Libya and mainland Europe.

    On completion in 2004, 10 000 million cubic meter a year of natural gas will be delivered to Italy through an underwater pipeline linking Libya to Italy via Sicily. It is the first such scheme to utilise Libya vast untapped gas reserve. It is also the biggest foreign investment in Libya’s Oil and Gas sector since UN sanction were suspended in 1999.

    By any standards, the project is vast. Gas will be sourced from two main production fields: the onshore desert field near the Algerian border, 500 km south of the Libyan coast and the offshore platform in the Mediterranean sea 110 km North of Tripoli. The gas will be collected and pumped to the Wafa Coastal site, a central processing facility located on the Libyan Coast at Melitah.
    From there, the gas will be exported to Italy via Sicily through the deepest 32 inch underwater pipeline in the world.