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    Schneider Electric reaches for the stars

    Zoom on two significant references concerning with Space Centers:

    > All systems go at the Kourou Space Center in French Guiana
    Every Ariane launch is supported by a top-flight team of subcontractors and suppliers that includes Schneider Electric. Not only have we supplied the electrical distribution systems for the Guiana Space Center's infrastructure, but we've also been selected by key subcontractors to meet their needs. For example, SNPE subsidiary Regulus uses Premium PLCs in the process to manufacture propellant for the new generation launchers.

    > Kennedy Space Center, Florida (USA)
    The crawler, a vehicle that transports the final shuttle/rocket assembly from VAB to launch pad at an incredible maximum speed of 0.9 mph. Modicon 800 series I/O are still used as part of the crawler control. The vast amounts of white smoke visible on the launch pad during rocket firing is actually steam.
    In the upgraded system just being installed, Schneider Electric's Quantum PLCs will control the release of 500,000 gallons of water in just 16 seconds.