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    Easyplug strengthens its leadership in Multimedia Powerline Networking Solutions by acquiring Inari technology.

    Foremost supplier of powerline networking equipment combines OEM and silicon expertise to accelerate the delivery of low to mid speed in-home networking solutions

    Easyplug, the Schneider Electric-Thomson joint-venture and the leading developer of in-home powerline networking products with millions of nodes sold in the US, announces its acquisition of all Inari assets to strengthen its ability to provide reliable and cost-effective products targeting the telephony, audio, video and computer networking markets. This acquisition will allow Easyplug to address the needs of the low to mid speed in–home powerline networking market, while preserving the availability of Inari’s market leading powerline chipsets.
    According to Isabelle Guillaume, CEO of Easyplug, “Our strategy is to provide powerline networking solutions based on best-in-class technologies for the access infrastructure, data networking, and in-home multimedia markets. Inari’s technology is uniquely positioned to meet the requirements of the in-home multimedia market with throughputs ranging from 500 Kilobytes per second to 5 Megabytes per second, completing our portfolio of selected technology partners.”
    Specifically, Inari’s technology is the most cost effective and reliable technology on the market today with quality of service and minimum latencies ideal for multimedia applications such as digital audio and streaming video. Inari’s technology also includes advanced security to guarantee network privacy.
    With Inari’s technology, Easyplug multimedia network solutions will enable flexible connectivity to any multimedia product such as loudspeakers, gaming consoles, streamed video or interactive TV at any power outlet, thereby ensuring the consumers ability to share content and extend connections.
    To optimize the growth and the awareness of Inari’s technology on the market, a dedicated business unit, Easyplug Semiconductors, will be established, involving former key Inari employees. This business unit will continue developing and marketing low to mid-speed powerline networking silicon to worldwide customers.
    “Easyplug’s acquisition of Inari’s technology provides the collaborative means to expeditiously develop next generation powerline chipsets, while fortifying our reputation as a premiere technology partner,” said Alan Walbeck, former CTO of Inari, “By leveraging the established strengths of Schneider Electric and Thomson we are able to effectively integrate the design requirements for both infrastructure and in-home networking consumer markets“

    > About Easyplug :
    Easyplug is the joint venture owned in equal parts by Thomson and Schneider Electric to provide the easy connection of any communicating equipment.
    Easyplug believes that mains power outlets provide the most user-oriented connection with the best balance between ease of use, speed, coverage, security, and cost.
    Easyplug’s goal is to become the worldwide leader in power-line communication solutions by providing industrialized products and communication modules through a worldwide sales and distribution network.
    Easyplug Products Division is targeting communication applications on residential and professional markets (LANs, video and sound systems distribution, Internet access, interactive TV, home automation, etc.). These markets are expected to generate sales for PLC solutions of more than EUR 1 billion by 2003/2004. Easyplug Products Division generates revenues of EUR 21 million in 2001, and plans growing to over EUR 200 million by 2005.
    Easyplug Products Division is involving dedicated R&D resources and expertise and relies on both mother companies’ industrial tools and commercial channels. By creating key partnerships with select PLC technology providers and actively supporting industry initiatives for PLC standardization, Easyplug is committed to establish power-line communication technology as a mainstream networking and connectivity solution.
    Easyplug Semiconductors Division, represented on the market by its brand Inari, is targeting low to mid-speed powerline networking silicon markets, for applications such as digital audio, streaming video, gaming or control. Easyplug Semiconductors Division plans generating revenues of $US 1,8 Millions in 2003, and growing to over $US 10 Millions by 2005.