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    Schneider Electric tosses coins in Switzerland

    The arrival of the euro made billions of coins in the national currency obsolete. To destroy these coins, Cablofer Bex SA developed the "Decoiner", a machine that already has appealed to central banks in Germany, Austria, Italy and Tunisia. The machine is installed inside the banks where the coins are stored. Theprocessing, however, requires a great deal of precision in determining the exact number of coins destroyed. But the employees assigned to the machine are not really specialized and the volume of metal to be destroyed is gigantic. From the very start, it proved to be necessary to entirely automate the machine to maximize ease of use. Two of our partners, the panelbuilder Krumel & Baud SA, and the engineering firm Arlettaz Electrotechnique SA, work regularly with Cablofer Bex and the latter very naturally contacted them for this project. These partners have been collaborating with Schneider Electric in Switzerland for a long time. They are familiar with the quality of our products and the extent of our offer. Our equipment was therefore selected to destroy this stock of currency!