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    Chile, 2002 Distributors Conference

    The 2002 Chilean distributors conference was a major success. An innovative concept was used - customers were in fact the ones who made the presentations with a view to obtaining the "Technical Sales Grand Prize". They were divided into six different groups, accompanied by one of our salesmen "moderators", and mutually confronted each other. This was followed by a question-and-answer session and simulated negotiation exercises, finishing with a product handling workshop. Our distributors were surprised and thrilled, as illustrated by the following comments written at the end of the seminar:
    "The best training I ever took part in."
    "I got much more out of it than I could have hoped for … excellent …."
    The objective was two-fold. The seminar was intended to serve as a product training session and to strengthen relations between our partners' teams and our own. This is how we believe that we can improve our sales efficiency.