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    Foundation: projects for Luli

    Schneider Electric employees from more than 60 countries are getting involved within the new Schneider Eelctric Foundation campaign called «Luli, let’s light up our talents for the children of the world». The projects are taking shape.

    Among other projects in Spain, the partnership with Casals del Raval will be the impetus behind the construction of a workshop in a training center in a poor neighbourhood of Barcelona.
    "These children are in a high-risk situation from an educational, family, social and professional point of view," commented Pilar Ramirez, Foundation Delegate in charge of relations with the association. "Casals del Raval offers training and an opportunity to learn a trade”.

    In this way, Schneider Electric's first donation in 2000 made it possible to rehabilitate 25 young people who trained and worked in parcel services and building renovation. Donations in 2001 enabled 80 young people to work in construction, production, warehouse logistics and supermarket restocking. Through Luli, Schneider Electric wants to help construct a new training center, by beginning a new direction in relations this year. Training modules will be offered to enable young people to work in the company's logistics center or plants in Spain after completing the courses.