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    Report on the Hanover trade show

    Some 250,000 visitors came to the world's largest trade fair, the Hanover Messe in Germany, which took place from April 15 to 20. Last year, there were 255,000 visitors.
    Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD) said that the fair, with over 6,900 exhibitors, could give a boost to business in Germany. Over 3,000 exhibitors were from foreign countries, especially Italy (350), France (210) Switzerland (195), China (166) Spain, the Netherlands (145 each), the United Kingdom (135), Sweden (110) and Taiwan (105).

    At the Schneider Electric booth, about 3,850 visitors (compared to 3,750 in 2001) asked for detailed information about our products. Most were industry professionals. We had 2,813 international visitors and 1,037 from Germany. The exhibition's total area was 816 sq.m, and there was a communication area on the first floor of about 676 sq.m.
    Schneider Electric presented a host of innovations in Automation and Electrical Distribution. This event has been the opportunity to give the best of the New Electric World to everyone, everywhere, at any time.

    Before the fair, 36.9%of the exhibitors assessed the situation in their industry branch as positive; at the end of the event this figure stood at 39.1%. The fair had clearly been a boost to optimism. 90,000 visitors came to Hanover with concrete capital projects, about ten percent more than the previous year. Dietmar Harting, president of the electrical engineering and electronics industry federation ZVEI, said that many of the exhibitors had attained their expectation and even outdone them. "Overall it's a positive outcome", he said.